When Suicide Seems Like the Only Option

By PeggySue Wells:

When suicide seems like the only option, having someone walk with you through your struggles can give you hope for the future.

Many have been where you are now, survived, then thrived. Ask for help! Your struggles can also teach you how to encourage others.


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Seasons of famine in our lives can be caused by broken relationships, financial struggles, or by periods of severe stress. For my friend it was all three at the same time.

Here is his experience:

“Through my own poor behavior choices, I lost my job, my house, and my wife.  Going through that loss brought me to the brink of suicide. I didn’t see any other option. But my mother faithfully drove out to spend time with me every weekend for four months. She had little money but she always treated me to a meal, movie, or shopping trip. She sacrificed her own needs for mine. If it were not for my mom, I wouldn’t be here today. She was lifeline when I was drowning in despair. When I was thinking about suicide, she showed me how to live again.

“From her example, I learned to look for the signs of depression in others and give a little of my time to be with that person. Going through that dark tunnel of hopelessness is brighter when someone shares the journey.”

“When helping someone, it is more important to bring hope than to be an expert.” Pat Palau (Breast cancer survivor)

When suicide seems like the only option–you feel you have lost everything–all is NOT lost. You still have help you can give others, and you don’t know the future God has in store for you.  Don’t cut that short!

If you are feeling desperate, be sure to share that with someone who can walk you through your journey. Tell them you are currently not seeing hope at the end of the tunnel, and ask directly for prayer and encouragement. Don’t assume they will know how desperate you feel unless you tell them. They too may have been through very difficult times in the past and be able to encourage you. You can even share your own story in a comment here, and our volunteers will definitely pray for you and reply in additional comments here on this site.

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  1. While I appreciate that this is meant to help, & that what is written here is true of a lot of circumstances, it is NOT true that “many have been where (I am) now, survived, & thrived”. the following is reality for me and believe me, this is just barely touching on how bad things really are. I have several severe & disabling chronic illnesses that do not have cures, or even good treatments. Barring a miracle, my health & as a result, finances will continue to get worse. I am barely managing to take care of myself now & if I get any worse, will not be able to do so.

    I have literally not had even a moment in nearly 9 yrs where I have felt well or been out of pain. Every single thing I do is a major struggle & even sleep is not a relief, because I wake up 15 or more times to use the bathroom (yes I have kept track), & when I am actually asleep I have constant nightmares. I have lost the ability to work (so no sense of purpose & very low income), have lost most all of my relationships (too sick to do anything), & have lost the ability to do the many things I used to love to do, & I frequently miss church because of my health issues.

    In the last yr I have had 2 fun/social activities – again because I have been too sick to do more. Nearly every bit of my physical functioning time is used up doing the minimum I need to take care of myself. I have nothing to look forward to and no quality of life at all. And, now the apt complex where I live is getting ready to do some work that will destroy what little functioning I have left unless they agree to make some accommodations that I am not sure they will do. I will literally wind up in a nursing home at age 41 or just lying on the couch or bed until I starve to death if things get worse.

    Again, this is reality – this is not pessimism or depression speaking. I am not planning to end my life, nor do I have the means to do so, but I certainly have thoughts of it all the time. I may be breathing, but I am NOT living. I would LOVE for God to take me home anytime.

    • Hi Tammie,
      Thanks for writing us. Know that everyone who reads your note is lifting you up in prayer.

      Tammie – you make some very good points. What you are going through is different from someone who is depressed or suicidal. What you are going through is painful, no fault of your own, and something you would certainly have never chosen. But here you are, caught in a terrible web of pain and heartbreak. Know that if I could reach through the Internet I would give you a big hug, and shed a tear with you.

      I’m also very glad that you are not contemplating taking your life, and it shows that you are committed to trusting God through this. Know that God did not plan this for your life. I believe the enemy did. Did you know that in the story of Joseph, the man who was sold into slavary by his brothers but rose in power to become second in command to all of Egypt, that when the day came that his brothers fell before him, he could have had his revenge, but instead he said, “What the enemy meant for evil God meant for good.”

      I just finished reading Max Lucado’s pre-release of his book, “You’ll Get Through This,” and Max says that this verse can also be interrepted, “What the enemy wove into my life for evil, God rewove it for good.”

      I believe this also applies to your life. For one thing, this is not yet heaven. And while we are here on this earth, we will have pain and heartache. However, when we are in Christ, the day will come, when it will be our turn to go to heaven. And when that day comes, JEsus will wrap his arms around you and say, ‘I’m so glad you are home.’

      Then as you look back, you will see that Jesus was with you, helping you get through your pain and heartache. You’ll know that it was he that helped you make it through, and that you have overcome the world by the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony.
      If you would like to know how to be ‘in Christ’, please check out the test at: http://www.GodTest.com

      In the meantime, I am going to offer up a prayer for you, a prayer that many people who read this will also pray with me…

      Dear Lord,
      We come to you on behalf of Tammie. Please comfort her and let her know how much you love her. Please send angels to help her in her struggles. And we all pray that the appartment will accommodate her needs- and if not, she will get an even better situation. In the meantime, let her know how much you love her, and that you will be with her through this, even though there will be some very difficult days. Give her the strength to overcome, and show her that you have given her a purpose. As the enemy tries to weave evil into her life, please reweave it for good.
      Thank you Lord that you are a good God, and that you are with Tammie right now, even if she’s not aware of it. I know that when the day comes when it will be her turn to go to heaven, that you will show her all the ways you were with her, helped her, and comforted her. Open her eyes so she can start to see the ways you are working in her behalf right now.
      Thank you Lord,
      In Jesus’s name,

      • Linda,

        Thank you so much for your reply & for understanding. If it were not for my belief in God, I would have long ago ended my life, and this site does help reinforce my faith. I love what you wrote abt the day when I meet Christ…..such a wonderful thing to look forward to. I also appreciate that you wrote back despite the fact that I said I am not currently suicidal. Like I said, the thoughts abt it are always there, but my faith prevents me from goign any further and actually planning to do so. Thank you so much for the prayer (& for anyone else who prays it, too). I definitely believe in the power of prayer & I need as many prayers as I can get rt now.

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