I Hate my Job!

Linda Evans Shepherd:

I once met a woman who told me, “I hate my job,” and expressed that she wanted to die.  But as we began to talk, what  happened next was so remarkable that I wrote about it in my book, When You Don’t Know What to Pray – How to Talk to God About Anything.

See the excerpted story below:

After speaking at an event in Iowa, I was chatting with the soloist when a grandmother in her early sixties approached us. Her conference nametag read “Barb” and she said, “Linda, I appreciated your talk today on joy but it didn’t help me.”

Startled, I stared as she continued, “I can’t go on. I’m no good to anyone. It’s like I’m already dead.”

My friend Jackie’s eyebrows shot into her hairline and she looked to me as if to say, “Yikes! What do we do?”

I studied the woman before me. Her eyes were dull and her face hard. She was in incredible emotional pain. “What’s happened to you, Barb?” I asked softly.

Barb frowned, then in one long breath she said, “My husband died last year of a heart attack. I hate my job. I was left to raise my granddaughters and I’m doing a terrible job. My son-in-law committed suicide and I think he had the right idea. I’ve decided I should kill myself too.”

I asked, “Who are you mad at?”

Her blue eyes locked with mine. With a trembling voice she answered, “I loathe myself and I’m mad at God.”

I nodded slowly, comprehending her fury and replied, “That’s okay. God’s big enough to handle your anger. Do you want to let go of it? Do you want to give God your anger?”

She nodded her head and together we knelt on the carpet. There on the hotel conference room floor, with conference attendees milling around us and Jackie looking on, Barb let go. She not only gave God her anger, she also gave Him her burdens, hurts, and disappointments with a simple prayer, “I give it all to you Lord, the anger, the burdens, everything.”

When we finished, Jackie and I witnessed an amazing transformation. Color returned to Barb’s cheeks. Her eyes glistened. The hardness in her face evaporated as if she’d received an instant facelift. It was a stunning moment as we witnessed Barb’s return from the dead.

Barb and I stood up and hugged. I said, “Barb, this is what it feels like to be free.”

Barb jumped and clapped her hands. “Oh, I didn’t know this could happen. I am free. I’m free. I’m free!”

If you are finding yourself in the same situation as this woman, why not pray a prayer of your own.

Dear Lord,

I’m so angry about my job situation, and all the people who have contributed to my difficulties, including my boss, my co-workers, me and even You!  But I’m willing to give you my anger, to lay it at your feet, and to say to you, I give my anger over my job to you, Lord, it’s now your problem.  Help turn this situation around into a miracle.

In Jesus’s name,


 Speaking of miracles, Zig Ziglar, who passed a few days ago , was a man who spent his 86 years living life with zest as he helped others find their purpose.  Watch him tell about a woman he met who also hated her job, and how he helped her turn her situation around.  His solution is brilliant and I think it might also work for you.

Reasons to Live


Imagine a person sitting at their computer, typing in the phase ‘reasons to live’ because they’ve personally run out of ideas on how to do that.

But maybe this person isn’t so hard to imagine, because maybe you’ve just landed on this page to see if there’s perhaps even one good reason to continue your life. If that’s the case, I have great news: I’ve listed three great reasons to live below.

  1. God really does love you. (Bear with me on this one and keep reading… please?)
  2. You really can trust God.
  3. If you were to die today, then you would never get the chance to understand reasons 1 and 2.  Plus, you would never get the opportunity to see how God is going to help you through this in such a way that you can look back on your life and be glad you didn’t give up.

As for me, I know this is true because I’ve been where you are. Imagine twenty-one health care professionals surrounding you, telling you that your baby, who has been in a horrendous car accident, would never wake up and could live for eighty years as a vegetable.

That’s what happened to me. And one of the reasons I didn’t kill myself that very night is because I knew that God loved me. I knew I could trust God, and because if I were to die, then I would never get the chance to find out how God would move in our situation.

So I waited on God.

And I’m glad I did.  My baby is now 26 years old, and though she has disabilities, she has joy and purpose, even if it’s only to love and to be loved.  It’s in fact the same purpose that both you and I share– to love others and to let them love us.  (Sounds impossible, it’s not, but it may take some practice.  Give it some time!  ; )

But I’m here today to tell you that I trusted God and he got me through.

Don’t know God?   Try praying this prayer.

Dear Lord,

I want to know you so that the two of us can walk through this life together.  So, I am willing to follow these steps to know you; 1. First, I recognize that Jesus Christ died in my place, for my sins, so that I could wear his righteousness (not mine) and so that I can walk with you.  2.  I ask Jesus to come into my life and I choose to follow him. 3.  I giive you my whole life.

In Jesus Name.

To find out more about knowing God, go to: www.GodTest.com

Now that you’ve made your acquaintance (or reacquaintance) with God, pray this:

Dear God,

My life is not going the way I want.  But because I’ve put my trust in you, I choose to trust you with my very life.  In fact I give my life to you, and ask you to guide me through my difficulties.  In fact Lord, I’d like to ask you to turn my life into a miracle.  I know this may or may not happen overnight, but help me to trust you, step by step, to a life of peace and even happiness.  I choose to live and I choose to trust you.

In Jesus Name.


Now, give it some time and watch as God moves in your life.  If you want take our new believers Bible Study, click HERE.


By the way, in the twenty-plus years that have passed since that terrible day I almost took my life, I can tell you that I’m glad I lived.  God has comforted me, and given me even greater purpose in the writing of many books that have helped thousands of people, including When You Need a Miracle, and When You Don’t Know What to Pray.

My prayer for you is, that twenty years from now, you can look back at this time you will be oh, so glad that you choose to live and to trust God.

We are praying for you.

Watch this great YouTube clip about one teen’s list of  46 reasons why you should live.