What is My Purpose?

Linda Evans Shepherd:

If you have ever wondered, ‘What is my purpose?’, you’re moving in the right direction.  Did you know that people who discover their purpose are happier, less likely to harm themselves and more likely to live fulfilling lives than those who never work through this question?

So, if you’re feeling down, confused, or just stuck, it’s a good idea to take some time to explore your purpose.  And yes of course you do have one — you have a purpose for good, not for evil and God agrees.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (AMP) says,

Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams.]

What this means is that through God’s power working in you, God will superabundantly use your life in ways even better that what you’ve prayed, desired, thought, hoped or dreamed.   And it also means that even if you’ve never even desired a goal or dream for your life, God can surprise you with a powerful purpose. But it might help you to pray:

Dear Lord,

I’m praying now for purpose, and I’m asking that you give me the dreams and goals that you have for me.  I also ask for your supernatural ability to follow those dreams and goals —  in your power.  Make my life count Lord, with purpose, your purpose.  And the best of it is, I know that you can take my past mistakes and turn them around into wonderful purposes like helping others through the same difficulties I’ve survived.

But whatever Lord, I’ve decided to give my live for  you and trust you with my future.

In Jesus name,


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Are you still wondering, ‘What is my purpose?’.  I suggest you take a peek at the YouTube below with Ophra and Bishop T.D. Jakes who says, “We may not be perfect people living in perfect situations, but we all have the ability to ignite our passions and find our true purpose at any age.”

Watch the conclusion of Bishop Jakes’ lecture below:

What is My Purpose? Why Should I Live?

by Liz Cowen Furman:

Many people ask, “What is my purpose?'” Some go so far as to think, “Why should I live?”

The truth is: God can use YOU to touch the lives of others, no matter how old you are, or how disabled.

What happens when your kids are grown and gone, your spouse has passed on, and you are old?

Several of my dearest friends are in this group and some have contemplated suicide because they feel they have outlived their purpose.

My Dad and Step-mom live in an assisted living facility. Their neighbor was in the center of her church’s activity in another state for decades. A recent widow, her family moved her closer to them. She shared with me that she sees no point in going on.

After that dinner conversation, I prayed about how to respond. Before I left my folks apartment to head over the mountain the next morning, I popped up to her apartment to share my thoughts.

As a child, I had a favorite Great Auntie Zorah. She was dear to me. What an amazing faith she had. When my parents divorced she took me under her wing and saved me.

When I went off to college, she moved closer to my Aunt’s place, much further from my college and home. I was young and busy with my studies but she wrote to me on a regular basis. I’ve kept her letters all these years. She has long since gone home to glory. I’ve read and reread them. Her letters were like an anchor in the storms for me. I encouraged my Dad’s friend to write to her many grandchildren.

 This story may help you see a little more clearly:

Another friend of mine was at a nursing home visiting her grandmother. Her cousin was there visiting as well.

He leaned over, and said:“If I ever have to come here just shoot me. What is the purpose of living like this? Look at all these oldsters drooling on themselves.”

Char looked at him and said, “My dear cousin, every day the Lord gives you on this planet has a purpose.”

He wrinkled his brow, “Like what?”

At that moment, an elderly gentleman rolled up in his wheel chair and addressed the grandma, “Elaine you look like you are hurting today.”

Elaine nodded in reply.

“Well, let me just pray for you, would that be OK?”

She again nodded a reply. He grabbed her hands and launched into a heartfelt prayer for “relief from the pain, peace that passes understanding, and a good visit with her family.” Then as soon as he had appeared, he was gone.

Char couldn’t have planned it better. She looked at her cousin, “That is what.”

One of the best, most helpful, things to do when you feel depressed is to look for opportunities to minister to others.

No matter our circumstance, there is always someone we can minister to. A kind word, a letter of encouragement, a prayer lifted up on their behalf. So don’t loose heart. While the circumstances may have changed, and you may feel like there is no purpose, if you are still on the planet He has a purpose. Ask the Lord to show you your new purpose, a new reason for being here. Then look for opportunities to live it. That is after you get some exercise. See this article on how exercise helps combat depression from Harvard Medical School: Exercise and Depression.

If you can’t find a place to be used of God try these links:

think you are too frail or disabled to help others? Check out this video and remember. No matter your circumstance, there is always hope.