I Hate My Life, So Now What?: Finding Purpose

Linda Evans Shepherd:

Feel like you lost your purpose and you’re thinking, I hate my life, so now what?


Ever get the feeling that the universe or even that God himself is out to get you?

What if you could turn your disasters into a promise of hope? Your purpose in life doesn’t have to be a grand gesture—it just has to be meaningful to you. Watch as Bishop T.D. Jakes explains why you shouldn’t live being something you are not, and how you can turn life’s disasters into direction to find your purpose.

You are uniquely designed, and here on this earth for a reason. Your troubles may seem too hard to deal with, but they are not, with God’s help.

Why do you hate your life? Are you ill? Facing foreclosure or other financial troubles? You can read about how one woman, Cyndi, experienced both cancer and financial crises (and still faces difficult circumstances), yet offers hope to others in this article about overcoming feeling shame.  Despite one crisis after another, she herself has made a difference in the lives of others, including being a miraculous answer to prayer.  (See Comfort from God in a Long Distance Miracle) God has a purpose for your life and can use you to touch the life of another person–probably many people.

You know what might also help when you’re thinking ‘I hate my life’?  Invite God’s presence into your life. Then trust him that he can take your difficulties and turn them around.  To learn more about how to personally know the Lord of the Universe – click HERE.