Help – I Cut Myself and Self-Injure


We have some great ideas that may help you in your struggle to not cut or self-injure yourself.


Self-injury, such as cutting or burning, has unfortunately become a popular as well as an addictive way for many people to handle their difficult emotions.  Are you one who can say, “I cut myself’?

And though self-cutting is not a suicidal gesture, many who self-cut or harm may one day be drawn into a suicide attempt.  We want to help prevent this tragedy from happening to you, plus we want to help you overcome your compulsion to harm or injure yourself.

First, know that we are not shocked by your secret and we see you as a precious person.  Secondly, we believe you can overcome this obsession. Here are a few suggestions to help you do so, from the WordPress blog Discussing Dissociation; Thoughts from a Trauma Therapist:

  1. Call a friend or two and talk to them about anything – the weather, politics, the news, old times, new recipes, etc.  Distract yourself, and enjoy the company.
  2. Watch a movie or two, or three, or however many it takes till you get past the urge to SI. Promise yourself that you will watch movies until you feel safe again.
  3. Write about your feelings in your journal. Write a poem out about your feelings.
  4. Scrub the house from top to bottom.  Distracting yourself with tedious tasks, paying close attention to details can give you a different focus for the energy you are feeling.
  5. Get out the hottest jar of salsa and add jalapeno pepper or red chili peppers, and dig in. It might burn your mouth or make your eyes water and your nose run to eat this, but it won’t scar or cause actual harm.
  6. Draw or paint on paper what you want to do to yourself.  Draw or paint a second picture showing why you want to do this.  Draw or paint a third picture showing how you wish you were feeling.
  7. Play with, pet, hold, or hug your pet.  Find comfort and soothe yourself with the company of your dog and cat instead turning to pain or injury.
  8. Take a walk or exercise.  The physical release of energy is helpful.
  9. Plant a small garden.  Creating something nice, making something pretty to look at, and tending to something alive can put you into a different frame of mind.
  10. Take a bath or shower.  Let the water soothe you and help release your stress. Talking out loud or crying in the shower helps get the pain out that is locked inside you.  Let the stress rinse off and send it “down the drain” away from you.

To read the entire list of 25 Ways to Avoid Self-Injury and Prevent Self-Harm, click HERE.

While getting help as you tell others “I cut myself“, I also suggest talking about your impulse to self-harm or injure yourself  to the Lord of the universe with a simple prayer like this:

Dear Lord,

I know you see my scars.  Help me to understand that you aren’t ashamed of me or shocked by my actions, but that you love me and accept me just as I am. In fact, your own son Jesus was scarred in my place. He shed his blood for me, so that I wouldn’t haven’t to shed my blood to release my pain or purify myself.  Jesus has already done that for me.  In fact Lord, I ask that You do me a great favor; I ask that You carry my pain. I ask that You give me the strength to let go of my pain, my sins, my failures because Jesus has already paid the price so I don’t have to.

Give me direction as well as the strength to walk in the light of your great love for me. And deliver me, as Jesus taught us to pray, from evil.  In fact, I break the assignment of evil off of me by canceling the assignment of self-cutting and self-harm off of me right now, in the power and authority of the name and blood of Jesus. Set me free Jesus, and give me a new life, and a new direction in you, a life with hope, purpose, love and joy.  Lord, save me from evil and save me from my own pain. Give me hope and a plan filled with ideas to  help me overcome, people to talk to and a new life of purpose to walk into.  THANK YOU!!

In Jesus Name,


To see the story of how Jesus changed Taryn Davis’s life and helped her through her self-destructive as well as cutting issues, watch the video below:

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