John Waller – How Prayer Lifted His Depression

Prayer Lifted His Depression


Singer John Waller had a 20 year struggle with depression, but a depression that no longer lingers. But before his depression lifted, no one was able to help him, including his loving wife and three beautiful children.  Medication helped, but did not fully control his bouts of suffering.

 John relates“It was all in my family. It was a generational thing that was passed down and I believed I would always struggle with it.

So, how did he get over his old nemeses that darkened so many of his moods and days?  The healing started with friends from church came over to his house to pray for him.  Over time, Waller noticed that he had been transformed.

Since prayer lifted his depression and helped cause Waller’s transformation, this Christian recording artist loves to write songs that help others who are struggling to pray.  His songs are more than encouragements; they are actually prayers, the same kinds of prayer that started his own transformation, like the song below, My God Reigns. Waller has seen other people transformed whenever he sings it.  Take a listen, and then consider putting it on your play list.


You can see more of Waller’s story on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth:

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