Don’t Give Up and Commit Suicide: Check Your Physical Health

By PeggySue Wells:

Thinking you should give up and commit suicide? Know that suicidal feelings may be caused by physical problems that can be corrected.

Nutrition can play a big part in your mental health.


Image: Stuart Miles /

Here at our site we discuss many different causes of depression. However, it’s important to know that deep feelings of hopelessness and depression may be the result of a physical condition that is simple and easy to treat.

For instance, if you are missing magnesium in your body, this imbalance can be detrimental to your emotional state. Likewise, being too low in vitamin D, B, or iron can cause depression. There are many videos and articles describing some success in treating depression with B3 (niacin), so that is worth researching.

Other indicators include hormones, thyroid, and serotonin levels dropping below what your health requires.

The good news is each of these conditions is simple to treat. Before you do something extreme, go to the doctor. Tell the doctor how you feel. A blood test will quickly reveal any lack in your system and you can begin rebuilding healthy levels immediately.

The way our bodies work, physical condition does affect emotional and mental health.

If you are feeling down, if you are asking yourself ‘should I give up and commit suicide’ go to the doctor. Make that appointment now.