Depressed? Let the Good In.

By Martha Bolton:

Are you feeling depressed? Let the good in. Open the door and let the light shine into your weary and sad soul.


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I’m not sure what it is about human nature that makes our negative memories or disappointments loom so much bigger than all the good moments in our lives.

But during those times when we’re feeling down, that’s exactly what happens, isn’t it?

We have difficulty remembering the good days, the happy times, words of encouragement that we’ve heard or read, the love we’ve been blessed with, and the laughter we’ve shared with others throughout our lives.

Everything seems so dark and murky; the good buried deep beneath that muddled mess of disappointments.

But it’s there.  Every memory you once cherished, every smile that was ever given in your direction, the love, the laughs, the “You can make it!” exhortations, the comments from total strangers, the compliments, the sacrifices made on your behalf (some you may not even realize or want to admit)—they’re all there.  Dig for them.  Look for them.  They’re worth finding.

Seeing the whole picture of your life can be healing, especially if you’ve only been looking at darkness lately.  It’s like living in a boarded up house with no light shining through anywhere.  The darkness is real, but so is the light.  It’s there, but it’s just been blocked out for a myriad of reasons for far too long.

Unblock it.  Allow the good of your life to seep in wherever it can.  Make a list of your good memories as you begin to recall them and post it on your refrigerator or wall.  Look at it often and add to it as other “good memory” events and people come to mind.

The truth of everyone’s life includes both bad and good.  None of us are exempt from bad or shielded from good.  Start giving the good in your life equal billing.

Open up a window and let some sunlight through.  You may find that one opened window will lead to the next one, and the next one, and before you know it, you’ll have opened up the door, too.  When you do, you might be surprised to see just how many people have been standing out there waiting for that moment, too.