Healthy Strategies for Coping with Depression


Strategies for Coping with Depression

According to Berkeley’s University Health Services website, there are six or so strategies for coping with depression, along with seeking professional treatment:

1. Develop a more healthful, balanced diet  – to help you keep your moods balanced and your health strong. According to  it may help to avoid fast, refined or fatty foods; food with additives, preservatives, and food colorings; foods that lack folic acid; and food that lacks selenium.

What should you eat? Melslife recommends you:

2.  Get regular exercise. You can stop feeling lethargic and tired by exercising. Studies show that exercise can help alleviate depression even more than prescription drugs because exercise affects the same neurotransmitters in your brain. Exercise, even if you don’t feel like it. Try simple exercises like swimming, biking, or walking.

3.  Get sufficient sleep. To avoid mood spirals, try to make sure you are getting good sleep. For example, go to bed at a consistent time, be sure you turn off the lights and also try to wake up at a consistent time. If you have trouble waking up, try to start your morning with activities or responsibilities that will get you out of bed like caring for a pet.

4. Develop stress skills and time management skills.

5.  Pay attention to your feelings. Try to stay aware of your feelings. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break, read a book, go for a walk, or practice prayer or deep breathing.

6.  Develop and use a support system. The Berkeley website says, “Talking to people you trust can give new perspectives and support. Let your family and friends know if you just need them to listen, if you just want to vent, or if you just need a hug. Let them know that you don’t need them to ‘fix’ the problem or ‘make it all better.’”

In addition to these suggestions from the University of California, Berkeley, I would like to add a seventh suggestion:

7.  Rest in the Lord. Spend time thinking about resting in God. For starters consider that despite your problems, God’s arm is not to short to help or to comfort you. (Isaiah 59: 1). In fact, God wants you to cast your burdens off of yourself and onto him. (1 Peter 5:7).  He wants to take you by the hand, and help guide you. ( Psalm 139:10).  He wants to lead you beside still waters and restore your soul. (Psalm 23).

Try help you feel God’s rest, praying prayers like:


I feel overwhelmed, so I cast all my burdens on you, and ask that you to take me by the hand and to lead me to green pastures to restore my soul.  I know that your arm is not too short to love, comfort, and help me, and I’m asking you for your help right now.  I cancel the spirit of depression and suicide off of me in the power and authority of the name and blood of Jesus, and ask you Lord, to fill my soul and spirit with your presence, your love, and your peace.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

To see how Christian comedian Chonda found strategies for coping with depression, watch the video below:

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