Why Am I Here?

By Martha Bolton:

Do you have days when you wonder, “Why am I here?”


Why by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos net

Do you ever wonder why? Why are you reading this right now? Why did that person say an encouraging word to you today? Or send you a card, or smile at you as you passed them on the street?

Why did you decide to remember the people who love you? Why did you pick up that phone and start to call a friend?

There’s a reason. There’s a reason you’re reading this. There’s a reason someone reached out to you, or is praying for you right now. You may not even know their name, but there’s a reason God put your name on their heart.

So why? What is the reason?

To remind you that whatever you’re going through, you’re going to make it.  It may not seem like it right now, but there is hope. There is a lifeline–all you have to do is reach for it.

Talk to anyone you know and ask them this one question: “What was the darkest moment of your life?”

I guarantee you they can tell you. They can tell you in great detail, I’m sure, because most people have been there, right where you are right now. They, too, have been blindsided by some unforeseen pain, devastated by an unwanted loss, bullied by heartless people who may or may not realize the damage their hurtful words and actions have caused. But they survived it all. And you can too.

There are many lifelines that you can reach for. Talk to a parent, friend, pastor, get professional counseling, read books filled with life-changing advice and encouragement, read the Bible, and pray. But be pro-active in your recovery.

There’s a reason you’re reading this right now. It’s not an accident. The world needs to benefit from the gifts that you have been given. It needs to learn from the experiences you’ve had. And someone out there needs YOU to keep going until you find hope again, and then have you share it with them.

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Overcome Shame

With God’s help, you can overcome feelings of shame about circumstances in your past or present.

By Janet Perez Eckles:

Image by pixatwan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Instead of your road ahead being paved reminders of past shameful circumstances, it can be paved with hope.

So what happened in your past? A friend was asked. A bit put out, she kept silent. The past was painful, the scars still raw and the reminders alive.

What is it about shame that has the power to drape a veil covering our chance for joy? At 31, blindness put me in the category of a “disabled” person. It placed me in the “not-normal” category.

And was I sad? Down? No. It was shame that marked my attitude. Shame of living my life as a person whom I didn’t want to be.

Have you been there? Suddenly you’re thrown into an identity that was never in your plans, and the road ahead was paved with taunting reminders of what was. What you had. And how much better it all used to be.

Those reminders are just part of the shame that wears various attires: Shame of what we’ve become. Shame for what we’ve done. Shame because of what we carry in the secret boxes of our heart.

We carry all and drag it into today’s circumstances. When setbacks pop up, the hidden shame darkens the view even more. Insecurities are more dramatic and tough moments turn to tragedies.

Who’s to blame? We are– for letting shame grip our heart. But when the hold is given to God, Almighty and capable He erases destructive attitudes. He exchanges shame for significance.  And ushers courage to blot out regret.

Secure in His love, we walk with firm steps, high held high and heart shining with passion. God’ works out His power. Shame is erased, false desires are removed. And longing for what we don’t have vanishes. And perhaps for the first time, sweet freedom smiles.

Being physically blind with no shame displayed radiant hope for me to see the beauty of His hand at work. I saw the details of the brush strokes as He painted a new life, rich with purpose, defined plans, and all detailed on the canvas of His grace.

Waiting: Even When Life is Hard

By Martha Bolton:

Is it hard for you to wait when life is hard?  If you wonder, ‘Why go on living?’, rest assured, there is hope.


Waiting.  We hate to do it at traffic lights, in line at an amusement park, or waiting for the voting results of our favorite televised talent show.  But there are many instances in life when waiting can be a good thing.  Waiting can help us say no to that person who isn’t meant for us to marry, so that we’re available to meet and say yes to the right one. Waiting just a little longer can help us be home to receive that package we had been waiting for most of the day, or not miss that repairman when he finally does show up. Waiting can help us get a better deal, give a better answer, or land that perfect job.

Waiting can also be a good thing to do when we’re feeling down. Waiting can bring clarity to a situation that may seem overwhelming or confusing at the moment.  Waiting gives time for circumstances and people to change, even if the change is simply our acceptance. And waiting through the darkest of nights will eventually, and always, bring the morning light.

So don’t get impatient.  Don’t quit on your situation or yourself.  Keep waiting. A little bit longer. And, if necessary, longer still.  While you’re waiting, there may be things you can do to change your circumstances. Or even yourself. If there are, do your best to start working on those changes.  But above all, wait.  Sometimes, that’s all you need to do.

If you try, I’m sure you can recall situations in your life when you waited and your circumstances changed. In the morning the situation didn’t look anything like it looked at night. Remind yourself of these times. Times when something seemed impossible, but ended up not being impossible at all.

Life is constantly in motion. Like the waves of the ocean—rushing in and pulling back. What we’re hoping for may not come with this wave, or the next, or the next. But if we keep waiting, it will come. Or something better will come in its place.

Even if life is hard for you right now, there IS hope. If you wonder ‘Why go on living?’ and are considering taking your own life, please don’t.

Even if it feels difficult to wait for things to get better, pray, and please give God time to work in your life.  He is real and truly  loves you. No doubt others in your life do too, who would be devastated if you were gone. If you feel angry at God, or even wonder if he exists, tell Him that! You can be honest with your feelings with Him. Ask Him to reveal His presence and love to you, then wait to see the future he has in store for you.

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (From: Jeremiah 29:11 in the NIV Bible.)