Feeling Lonely and Distraught? Never Alone

By PeggySue Wells:

Are you feeling lonely and distraught today? In truth, you are never alone.


I heard of a woman who followed her husband to a foreign country. This was years ago, when communication was limited. In this remote place where she didn’t know anyone–nor did she speak the language–the couple welcomed their first baby.

Then the husband was called away for work. For weeks he was out of touch. During the time he was gone, the baby developed a high fever. The neighboring women became aware of the situation and came by with their remedies. But the child’s condition worsened and the child died.

Through the sorrowful days of losing her son, the young mother was never alone. Compassionate neighbors took turns being with her. Though they didn’t know each other or understand each other’s words, there was always someone near with a pair of helping hands, empathetic eyes, a gentle touch. It was the gift of presence. Of just being there.

When we experience loneliness and desperation, we often feel completely abandoned. This woman later said that though it didn’t look the way she thought it should, though her husband was not with her, she was never alone.

How often are our needs met, but in a completely unexpected manner?

You yourself are truly never alone. God is always present, personal, and cares about you.

If you don’t understand how this can be, and are not sure how you can know God personally, visit our other site: GodTest.com. The quiz and articles there may help answer some of your questions about faith and to realize you aren’t alone in your suffering. God loves you.

Also, when you are feeling lonely and suffering, don’t be afraid to ask others for help. There are many people with great compassion who just need to be asked and would be willing to help you.