Do I Matter?

By Martha Bolton:

Are you asking yourself, “Do I matter?” The answer is a resounding YES.


Recently, I had to say goodbye to someone who at times would ask herself if her life mattered. It did, of course. It mattered a great deal to many, many people. People whose lives she had touched are still coming forward with stories of how this wonderful lady played a major role in helping them see their own worth.

That’s someone whose life mattered. Most of the time she knew that. But sometimes, in those low moments of life…


No matter what you’re telling yourself right now, or what someone else is trying to make you believe, you do matter.  You matter to those who love you. 

You should matter to yourself, too. No human being knows your needs better than you do. So nurture yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and do it, or spend your life wishing someone had done a better job of that. Be your own best friend, your own mother, your own father, if need be.

Examine your self-talk, too. Make sure what you’re telling yourself is encouraging and hopeful, rather than discouraging and hopeless. Your self-talk is important because your heart is always eavesdropping.

There’s someone else who believes that you matter, and that’s God.

I’d say that’s a pretty impressive circle of support. Even if you can’t feel it right now, you’ve got back up.

So don’t let someone else spin your worth into what they want you to believe. You are the only one who can listen to the naysayers. You are the only one who can throw in the towel. But don’t. Don’t surrender. Don’t give up. Never ever give up.

This wonderful lady’s life did come to an end on its own, but she went out triumphantly, with gentle acceptance and a smile on her face. She left this earth finally knowing she mattered, surrounded by a strong circle of love.

In fact, in her final year of life, she began to see how much she had accomplished, some people asked her forgiveness, and many told her what a positive influence she had made in their life. She was both pleased and amazed by it all.

When I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to do, anything on her bucket list, anything she felt she still hadn’t yet accomplished or done, she said in complete satisfaction, “I’ve done enough.”

Live your life so that when you get to the natural end of it you can say, “I’ve done enough.”

You’re not there yet—there’s plenty more for you to do. Get busy doing what you were placed here on earth to do, whatever that is. You might start seeing your own circumstances change. You might realize how much you’ve already accomplished and want to do even more.

That’s the funny thing about positive activity—once you start it, you really do begin to feel better about your own situation. You start seeing the truth that you really do matter—to God, to those close to you, to complete strangers who come across your path and need a word of encouragement, and you begin to matter to a very important person—yourself.