Resource: Too Soon to Say Goodbye (Osborn, Kosman and Gordon: New Hope Publishers)

Posted by Laurie Winslow Sargent:


I’d like to call attention today to the book Too Soon to Say Goodbye: Healing and Hope for Victims and Survivors of Suicide.

The authors, Susan Titus Osborn, Karen L. Kosman, and Jeenie Gordon (with New Hope Publishers) have graciously allowed us to post excerpts from this book, here on our suicide prevention blog.

Here’s the book description from

Written by three women all uniquely affected by suicide, this compassionate perspective offers renewal of courage and faith for those grieving this tragic loss of a loved one. Grounded in Scripture and illustrated by true stories, Too Soon to Say Goodbye shows the magnitude of God’s love in times of heartbreak and offers tested wisdom for allowing Him to heal the pain. Additional insights shed light on depressive illnesses; and for those considering suicide, the authors offer encouragement to choose life over death.

Here are links to some of the excerpts we have posted so far. We hope they will encourage you and your loved ones.

Help Others Mourn Loss of a Loved One by Jeenie Gordon

Face of Death: Suicide in Youth, Dying Too Soon by Susan Titus Osborn

For Those Considering Suicide by Susan Titus Osborn

A Suicidal Man in God’s Emergency Room by Karen Kosman

Comfort for Grieving Counselors and Parents: You Came! by Jeenie Gordon

Release from Shame and Thoughts of Suicideby Karen Kosman

Deeply Depressed by Jeenie Gordon

[NOTE: The Kindle edition (also can be read as Kindle for PC) of Too Soon to Say Goodbye, this month, is being offered at a discount to readers.]

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