Will it End? Depression from Loss of a Son

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Janet suffered great anguish and depression from loss — the great loss of her teen son. Would that feeling of despair ever leave?   By Janet Perez Eckles: Dear God, This wound tore my life apart. The darkness of pain is too overwhelming. When  will the torment that mocks each sleepless night end? The murder […]

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Why Am I Here?

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By Martha Bolton: Do you have days when you wonder, “Why am I here?”   Do you ever wonder why? Why are you reading this right now? Why did that person say an encouraging word to you today? Or send you a card, or smile at you as you passed them on the street? Why […]

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Words: a Lifeline to a Suicidal Person

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By Karen Kosman: Sometimes an encouraging word can be what a suicidal person needs to hear. A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver. Proverbs 25: 11   Is it safe to say that words make the world-go-around? It’s true that words are powerful and make impressions on our hearts, […]

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Depression in Parenting an Autistic Child

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By Rhonda Leverett: In my depression in parenting an autistic child, I began thinking about suicide.   Then I found hope.   In 1988, my youngest child, Caleb, was diagnosed with autism. I had no idea what autism was, but it looked like this: blank stares; fear of unfamiliar people and surroundings; books, crayons, shoes, […]

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Refocus Thoughts When Thinking About Suicide

U.S. Navy Seawolf Submarine

By PeggySue Wells: When unhealthy thoughts persist, including thinking about suicide, refocusing can help.     Mary’s husband was the captain of a nuclear submarine. Deployed, the sub would be under the water for six months at a stretch. Their only communication was an occasional message he could receive via transmission when the ship surfaced. […]

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Feel Suicidal? Truth in 25 Words

John 316

By PeggySue Wells: Despondent? Feel suicidal? Typically this grows from a deep sense of not being loved. I have felt like that at times. Why go on, I reason, if no one cares? This is not the truth but it certainly feels that way. So what is the truth? The most quoted verse in the […]

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Don’t Do It! Save Your Family Heartache from Suicide

Father image by BlueKDesign

Guest Post by Pastor J.K.: Family heartache from suicide of a loved one can go on for many years. Would you put your own children or siblings through such terrible grief? The familiar voice of my administrative assistant greeted me on the phone. “Gary is here asking for you.” Her voice then became very soft. […]

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For Those with Suicidal Thoughts

sunlight breaking through clouds by ozden

By Susan Osborn: Feeling overwhelmed by problems in life? Having suicidal thoughts? You are not alone. Many have shared those same feelings, but there is hope. Excerpt from Too Soon to Say Goodbye: Healing and Hope for Suicide Victims and Survivors; used with permission by New Hope Publishers. Following is a poem written by a […]

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Are You Suicidal or Exhausted?


By Linda Evans Shepherd: Does fatigue and dealing with difficult people make your depression worse? Are you suicidal or exhausted?   Recently I got an email from a friend who felt too tired to go on living. In fact, she said, “Everything is such a struggle I don’t think I can take it anymore.  My […]

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Connecting Suicide Prevention Day with 9-11

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By LWS: Yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day. Today we remember 9-11.  How are they connected?   Here at our site Thinking About Suicide, we have many stories from people who have survived and thrived after initially considering suicide. We focus on how a life given over to Jesus Christ can turn in a whole new […]

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